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NZIM specialises in experiential and experience based education, we leverage your knowledge and technical capability to further develop your natural strengths.

Our Services

- Capability assessments for individuals
- Leadership development pathway recommendations
- In-company bespoke education
- HR advice, compliance and support
- Professional career coaching
- Strategic Planning
- Leadership skills and assessment profiling
- Conference or event guest speaker presentations

In-Company Partnership

As a trusted business partner for the past seventy years, we advise and provide consultation services to a diverse range of organisations. An In-company partnership is often a chosen method of delivery when there is a desire to build on current success, evolve workplace behaviour, increase ownership and improve communication at all levels in the organisation. Programmes are tailored to ensure preferred language, company values and key processes of the organisation are the foundation of all learning.


HRNow is an App providing users with unlimited access to essential HR contracts, documentation and resources covering many facets of HR, including Recruitment, Change Management, Disciplinary, Performance Management, and Policy formulation. The comprehensive Resource Library is accessible 24/7 and offers unlimited downloads direct to phone or tablet for an annual subscription.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is often beneficial when an organisation is seeking buy-in to a leadership culture from the top down. We support senior executives to identify their personal drivers, professional motivations and current capability. Coaching works to the highest level of confidentiality, focusing on results that are both tangible and measurable.

Emerge Assessment System

Our unique Emerge Assessment System will support you and your manager to make the right development choices, provide you with constructive feedback and ensure you are developing leadership capability in the key areas that will provide you with the greatest professional growth opportunities.

The Emerge Assessment System examines eight key results areas:

1. Vision
2. Empowerment of others
3. Environment
4. Contribution
5. Focus
6. Strategy
7. Commercial acumen
8. Self-awareness.

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Leverage our strong foundation of Science + Research + Evidence + Frameworks to ensure your academic, commercial and leadership development success. Contact us to arrange an individual consultation today.

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