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Assertive Behaviour & Communication - NEW in 2022


Assertiveness is being able to communicate in a direct, calm, honest, positive way and having the confidence to think on our feet. Being assertive saves time and energy by managing difficult behaviours or communication early and supporting others to do the same, it is a skill that can be learned, practised and developed.

Learning outcomes

  • Explore what assertiveness means in your context, and identify the skills needed for assertive communication
  • Gain tools and techniques to remain in the moment and use the opportunity to be assertive
  • Support healthy assertiveness in others by developing a non-threatening feedback rich environment

Benefits to your people

Learning assertiveness skills benefits individuals and teams by building confidence, enabling better communication, identifying and discussing issues before they become a problem; your people become pro-active problem solvers on-the-job.

Benefits to your organisation

Confident assertiveness and feedback skills enable a more productive work environment. These skills ensure a positive balance of promoting new ideas and accepting feedback from others. When we create a feedback-rich environment people are open to sharing, change and improvement becomes part of ‘what we do every day’.


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