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Negotiation skills are a core competence for all leadership and people management and no longer seen purely as a sales tool. Worked well these skills move people into a situation where all parties achieve something of value to them.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how negotiations are different from other professional conversations
  • Explore issues which cause barriers to an effective negotiation agreement
  • Engage with the steps and stages needed for a successful negotiation
  • Trial BATNA, win-win and other techniques for an effective negotiation intervention
  • Select the most suitable approach to match the needs of the participants and the context
  • Manage results post negotiation and develop a follow-up plan

Benefits to your organisation

Negotiation skills are a valuable additional to self and people management. Knowing how to communicate effectively, create a situation where people can seek options, focus on mutual gain and constructive results benefits the organisation as well as the participants involved. Even where people do not use the whole negotiation process, the application of these communication skills provides a good foundation for gaining win-win options.

Benefits for your people

Negotiation skills and techniques provide a way of thinking about core issues, knowing how to open communication effectively, become more strategic by ensuring the conversation begins well, knowing what to share, what to hold back, and how to seek mutual gains. Building a negotiation skillset builds confidence and has applications in a variety of different work environments.


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