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Leading Strategy and Change

Leadership Academy

The purpose of strategy is to create a robust business direction and build a path to deliver it, in this two-day interactive workshop you explore the balance between strategy, culture and change.

You will explore a variety of frameworks to analyse and seek the most suitable strategy model for your work environment and future business direction.

Developing a well-framed strategy so that it can provide clear goals, parameters and a defined focus for decision making is essential to any business. Additionally in this programme, you will understand how the way that people communicate, collaborate and influence each other, both formally and informally, are key dynamics in the change process.

Positive alignment of the business’s strategy, planning and culture is the most effective enabler of successful change and thereby strategic success.

In this workshop we will explore the bigger picture of how to identify, navigate and embed change to support the strategy.


  • Explore what strategy is and why have one
  • Strategic thinking and the core components of a strategic plan
  • Understand a variety of Strategic Frameworks and models and identify which works for
  • Align the chosen Strategic Framework with observed workplace culture, seeking strengths and gaps
  • Develop a plan on a page to succinctly communicate the strategy
  • Apply a variety of change tools for effective leadership of change to support the chosen Strategic Framework


Very informative. Small group ensured time for individual areas of focus, which created more value for all participants - October 2021

It was awesome, really great content, great facilities and excellent presenter. May 2021

This was a very insightful and useful two days especially in light of the upcoming massive change. May 2021


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