NZIM Southern was established in 1946, and is a National subscription based, not-for-profit organisation based in Christchurch. Through the decades our territory has grown, allowing us to now provide leadership development throughout New Zealand. Our mission has remained the same, supporting the development of people and business through education and professional development.

How we work...

We are a strategic business partner, providing crucial advice and support in HR, People Capability Development and Strategic insight. NZIM subscribers have access to proven leadership programmes, leadership resources and expertise.

How we are different...

- We are a not-for-profit organisation that, at its heart, has been successfully delivering leadership programmes in New Zealand for over 75 years.
- We understand that the most common barrier to developing your people is time and money which is why we structure our business around a cost effective subscription model that makes sense.
- We use in-house developed, research-based leadership IP that's proven and tailored for the New Zealand market.
- We understand more about Learning and Development in New Zealand than any other provider.
- We use a robust, scientific and evidence based approach incorporating latest neuro and social sciences.

Who we work with...

It is a privilege to be the trusted deliverer of excellence in leadership capability development for organisations reaching across the broadest NZ industry spectrum.

This cohort of future-focused organisations have made the commitment to their people and the future of their business by investing in quality education, training and development with NZIM.