Introducing our team, the passionate and highly engaged group of people who are committed to our vision, of sharing and imparting knowledge.

Often the starting point when navigating people development is a conversation with someone who is skilled in assessing individual and organisational capability.

Reach out to discuss how we can support you to grow your organisation and people, we look forward to connecting with you soon.


  • Debra Buckley FNZIM

    CEO -

  • Lea Hart MNZIM

    Strategic Partner, Business Development -

  • Suzanne Jordan MNZIM

    Strategic Partner, People & Education -

  • Val Taylor MNZIM

    Administration Support -

  • Chris Parnell AFNZIM

    Finance and Operations Manager -

  • Therese La Porte MNZIM

    Learning and Development Manager -

  • Bronagh Bloomfield MNZIM

    Administration Lead -


  • Tony Guilliland FNZIM

    President -

  • Sue Brown MNZIM

    Vice President

  • Michael Weusten FNZIM

    Board Member

  • Ken Blair FNZIM

    Board Member

  • James Jorgensen MNZIM

    Board Member

  • Ian McKee AFNZIM

    Board Member