Building a Customer-Centric Culture


Whether your role is to provide a service within your own organisation, external client care or to develop a relationship that will eventually result in a transaction, building a customer-centric environment belongs to every one of us.

Learning Outcomes

  • What is customer-centric culture and how can we create one from the ground up?
  • How can we be clear about the difference between customer service and a customer service culture?
  • Develop an organisation-wide understanding of why customer-centric strategy is important.
  • Explore the overall benefits of being customer-centric and how the expectations of our clients will continue to grow.
  • Build the confidence and knowledge of what it takes to serve.

Benefits to your organisation

Understanding how and why your organisation exists beyond making a profit is the first of many steps you can take in achieving your overall strategy. Developing the knowledge of how to bring your values to life through actions and behaviour creates a platform for growth and individual success. This in turn will create a client focused willingness to serve.

Benefits to your people

As a key player on any team learning to develop relationships that serve beyond the transaction is a highly transferable skill. Acquire the knowledge that ensures you make a positive impact with those around you, and ensure you create a positive customer experience, regardless of your role. As the demands of our client interactions grow, now is the time to foster a greater understanding of the impacts of a service mindset.

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