Make Better Decisions at Work


This course will explore effective decision making, share some robust practices and support you to tackle your day-to-day decision making with clarity and focus. We make many decisions every day, often in a routine and habitual way, without thinking carefully about our drivers, processes or the consequences of our decisions. As a result we repeat the same patterns, mistakes and problems. This course will help to recognise problems and develop effective processes to work through those problems and support lasting change.

Learning Outcomes

  • Refine your problem recognition skills, explore the drivers, patterns and frameworks for decision-making and the routine consequences of our decisions
  • Explore processes to find effective workable solutions and map your own decision making processes
  • Gain tools and techniques to support purpose and clarity for optimal decision making and follow up
  • Use these techniques to avoid the pitfalls of procrastination, rushed decisions, or decision fatigue
  • Apply these ideas to decision making under pressure for better results
  • Gain confidence in your own improved decision-making processes

Benefits to your organisation

Individual and team decision-making happens every day, the more effective these decisions are, the more productive the organisation will be. Effective decisions and their consequences help to propel the organisation forward, minimise risks, and create opportunities. Effective decision making encourages ownership and prevents the repetition of the old time-consuming patterns of behaviour that prevents growth.

Benefits for your people

Positive and effective decision-making supports people to feel that they have made progress, accomplished something well, and managed to create change in the workplace. Ensuring that your people understand the value of their decisions boosts morale, builds their confidence and supports ongoing continuous improvement in the workplace.

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