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This two-day course provides intensive and holistic leadership training for current team leaders and managers, with the opportunity to update and refresh day to day leadership skills and techniques.
The course structure and material focus on producing immediately useable outcomes that respect a busy schedule.

What to expect during the course

Through Manager Bootcamp, leaders enhance their own self and social awareness, improve their communication and influencing skills, build more effective team relationships, and learn robust frameworks for employee evaluation and development.
A significant investment in both personal and professional growth, the Manager's Bootcamp will motivate, reenergise and build confidence within your management team.

Learning Outcomes

  • Capability Assessment
  • Social awareness, sometimes we only do what we know without asking why
  • Developing a peer network outside of the office
  • The value of employee check-ins
  • Talking points for starting a tough conversation
  • Leading a challenging performer
  • Managing at arms-length
  • Mastering self-management
  • Motivation during rapid change
  • Leading beyond your technical skills

Goal setting and planning:

Establishing small and large goals that contribute to the greater good of the organisation. Assess the resources in your team, set realistic goals based on those resources and assign tasks to individuals so that everyone is working towards those goals.


It is essential to be able to write, listen, speak and present information in a clear and efficient way and to determine the best way of communicating for specific messages, e.g. email versus a virtual meeting.


By mastering how to be strong influencers and fair negotiators, leaders will return to their teams knowing that it is not about power but about the best influence on employees to drive results.


Being able to define accountabilities and rigorously holding direct reports to their commitments, a leader helps everyone know where they stand to produce the results they need.


This is the ability to assign tasks to others, including tasks a leader needs help with completing. When you delegate effectively you can choose the best team member for the task and support them with clear instructions.


The ability to make quick, educated and high-quality decisions, even under pressure. Decisive leaders understand the options and consequences of a decision. Decisiveness also involves having in-depth industry knowledge and experience, so this is a skill to be developed over time.


Being able to motivate others sets the platform for team members to complete tasks, reach goals and develop their own careers. Self-motivation is also important for finishing your own work, reaching your own objectives and leading by example.

Conflict management:

The ability to mediate between parties who have disagreements about a topic or situation. You use conflict management to understand each side's argument, help to research all arguments, mediate a discussion between the parties and move towards a compromise.

Course Details

9:00am - 4:00pm
Price (inc GST)

Non-Subscriber $2,940

Subscriber $1,830

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