Managing Conflict


Understand the root causes and dynamics of conflict in the workplace. Learn the essential skills to effectively manage conflict by encouraging reflective practice and open thinking. Find useful approaches to managing interpersonal conflict in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore the causes and challenges of conflict in the workplace
  • Recognise emotional triggers for conflict in the workplace
  • Apply a framework to communicate effectively in a conflict situation
  • Recognise escalation in conflict and gain tools to de-escalate the problem
  • Gain solutions focused communication skills

Benefits to your organisation

Conflict is present in workplaces, it is often interpersonal, the result of poor communication and may perpetuate if the situation is not managed well, which results in downtime and disruption. This workshop will provide useful approaches to managing interpersonal conflict in the workplace, support your managers and leaders to de-escalate situations, seek positive and constructive solutions. Practiced effectively this will result in more effective workplace relationships, a more supportive and productive work environment.

Benefits to your people

Managing interpersonal conflict in the workplace causes stress, takes up time that could be used more productively and people usually prefer to avoid it. This workshop will equip participants with the skills to recognise conflict or potential conflict in communication, the interpersonal skills to manage the situation and a framework to bring down tensions and seek a way forward. These are essential skills for leaders, managers and influencers in the workplace.

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