Essential Skills

Team Leaders Series

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The Essential Skills is available as an individual course or the first course of three within the Team Leader Series. As a new leader you will benefit instantly by taking the next step and expanding your skills to plan, lead, delegate and prioritise.

What to expect during the course

Engage in interactive learning and discover your strengths, grow as a leader through this practical and comprehensive course specifically designed to develop the leaders of the future. The course provides the framework and core skills to support you as a new leader in developing confidence in your ability to engage and lead others. As a participant you will be challenged and encouraged to develop your personal leadership style and demonstrate your understanding of positive leadership behaviours and as someone who can influence, engage, support and manage people in the workplace.


  • Understand the principles of employee engagement and extend your influence at work
  • Align work tasks to organisational goals and monitor for effective outcomes
  • Plan and lead meetings in a responsive manner, targeting desired outcomes
  • Prioritise work for increased efficiency and effectiveness
    Apply personal time management tools
  • Develop your ability to delegate successfully
  • Utilise communication strategies to increase understanding.

Discovering if the course is right for you

Essential Skills is for newly appointed or current supervisors and team leaders with a desire to become effective, confident, positive leaders who can get the best from their team on a daily basis.

The three courses comprising the NZIM Team Leader Series build a robust foundation of fundamental leadership skills. Essential Skills is the first, followed by Building Effective Teams and Leading Lean. Complete all three courses to be presented your NZIM Team Leader Certification.

Return for your investment

Our Essential Skills courses allow participants to leverage their own experience, learn from the experiences of others, focus on results and bring together the needs of their people and commercial improvement. The investment covers tuition and programme materials.


Essential Skills is presented by our expert faculty who bring a unique combination of practical leadership experience and qualifications in adult learning.

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Subscriber $1,400

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