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Emerging Leaders Graduates number over 400

A group of people attending an NZIM course.

That's a wrap for our Emerging Leaders Series 2 for 2022! We have successfully graduated more than 400 Emerging Leaders since the programme commenced and we love the energy of these enthusiastic cohorts of talented future leaders.

I am sure we say this after every session, but they just seem to keep getting better and better.

At the end of each programme we hear from the participants about their key learnings and here is some insight from this series:

  • Delegation isn't about making someone else do my work. It can often be an opportunity to teach someone a new skill
  • Strategy is so much more than a vision or complex goal
  • Building a tribe takes time and it requires someone to lead it
  • Influence is about trust
  • Being a leader can happen without the word "manager" in your title
  • My technical skills are only part of who I am as a leader
  • I didn't realise that I would grow both personally and professionally from this programme but I love that I have.

Join us as an Emerging Leader in 2023 to accelerate your progression, challenge your perspective and extend your capabilities. The first cohort kicks of in March 2023. Dates and details are on our programmes page.

If you prefer a chat to find out more about the programme or to connect to a past Emerging Leader, reach out to Suzanne.