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Welcome to 2024

NZIM Values

Welcome to 2024, the year I hope that is full of two things; generosity and grace. Why? It feels like we have spent the past three years looking to protect or defend ourselves and blame others when things don’t go to plan.

Over the holiday season we had the very good fortune to travel as a family and time and time again we were treated with events that went beyond our expectations. People going out of their way to give our family an amazing experience and when it was time to head home, I asked our ten-year-old what his highlight was and he replied with “people, just the people”. He then smiled at me and said, “I could feel the joy they had by taking care of me”.

Great, good or bad, we don’t always know the impact we are having on those around us and often it is too late to change it as we have moved on to another task. The greatest blessing we have in life is the opportunity to do something for another, to put someone else and their needs first, to take a step back and allow someone around you to shine. This year, our team would like to encourage you not to look for the gaps or failings of another but to act with generosity and grace. To serve those in your team with the intention of them being the hero in your workplace.

Leadership and being a leader are not related to a title. Being a leader is about intentionally acting with the interest of others at the forefront of your actions.

May 2024 be a year where your leadership development comes in many forms and that you are connecting with grace.

As always, our team are here to serve and support in any way we can, reach out, ask a question and share your ambitions.

Warmest regards,