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Conversational Leadership

Leadership Academy - NEW in 2021

A three-hour workshop crafted to support you through those day-to-day influencing conversations where you would like to have the skills and confidence to expand the thinking of those around you, resulting in action.

What to expect during the programme

There are many situations when we need to lead with confidence, without having the senior title or direct line of reporting to give us a conventional sense of authority over the task. Effective influencers understand how powerful an opportunity can be when they leverage their experience, emotional intelligence, wisdom, and innovation when presenting their ideas. Conversational leadership provides the tools and framework to constructively challenge, influence and express your ideas with others. Teams, stakeholders, and non-titled leaders will gain the skills to be effective in discussing significant issues and opportunities, and to generate solutions that result in action.


  • Develop the skills to see the perspective of others and still express your ideas
  • Create an environment for innovative thinking
  • Discover the value in shifting the mindset of a challenge to an opportunity for growth
  • Leverage collective technical knowledge and intelligence
  • Start talking about solutions not just roadblocks
  • Build confidence in your ability to lead others through your thinking and ideas

Discovering if the programme is right for you

This programme is for all employees who are seeking to develop the attributes of inclusivity, gaining trust and listening with the intention of building onto an idea and creating actions plans.

Return for your investment

You will gain confidence in your ability to lead others to action and increase the awareness of how you communicate and share your ideas.


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