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Courageous Conversations

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Develop your ability to define the true causes of conflict and defuse it. Advance your ability to be courageous in your leadership style.

What to expect during the programme

In this programme you will gain the tools and self confidence to plan, conduct and follow up courageous conversations in your unique workplace context. As a participant you will have the opportunity to explore the difference between engaging in a problem and resolving it effectively.You will learn scripts and conversations to support you to confront poor performance or difficult situations, or to prepare people for unavoidable change. You will learn how to apply a range of communication techniques, examine when to move the conversation from informal to formal and acquire the confidence to develop a healthy work environment.


  • Explore and define the true cause of conflict
  • Develop the necessary skills to deal with difficult situations
  • Enhance your ability to identify, assess and solve poor performance in the workplace with successful results
  • Build confidence to address conflict at its varying stages
  • Demonstrate leadership by modelling effective conflict resolution approaches.
  • Create a positive and resilient work environment.

Discovering if the programme is right for you

Courageous Conversations is for leaders who desire to create two-way conversations that facilitates acceptance and agreement.

Return for your investment

Leverage your own experience, learn from the experiences of others, focus on results and bring together the needs of your people and commercial improvement.The investment covers tuition and programme materials.


Courageous Conversations is presented by our expert faculty who bring a unique combination of leadership experience and qualifications in adult learning.


Small class size and real tools to be able to work with - November 2021

Excellent course and excellent facilitator - November 2020

I was very happy with the content of the course. It was great that the booklet had plenty of room for all my notes! Roydon was very professional. - March 2020

This programme is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund

This programme is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Find out more by visiting


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